Envioronmental Policy


We at Clouds M Pharmaz Pvt. Ltd. (CMP) preserves environmental position, values and ISO 14001 standard according to which our environmental policy is the overall environmental performance intentions.


Clouds M Pharmaz Pvt. Ltd. (CMP) has considered environmental performance and has adopted best practices for the same. Therefore current and potential clients can determine whether they would like to continue or start business with us. It also can provide clean directions to all stakeholders  about the our environmental values. We Know that developing  a good environmental policy can be difficult and that’s why it is even more important to develop one. Similar to an environmental policies should be regularly be reviewed and we leave no such opportunity  to do it periodically. When there is a  change in significant performance  issue, our environmental policy is reviewed.

Inclusion of our Environmental Policy

The ISO 14001 standard is probably the best reference standard for the development of an environmental policy. Our environmental policy consider.

includes a commitment for continual improvement and prevention of pollution.

includes a commitment to comply to relevant legal and other requirements

provide the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

we follow best practices and embrace cleaner production

ensures that environment is not put in risk due to our operations

ensures that no risk to public perception is made if they are engaged

ensures that we as an organisation does not present an environmental risk by not understanding and not complying with legal & other requirements

ensures that we as an organisation reduce environmental impact and improve environmental performance.